Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is serious business...

So most of you know that I've become a runner.  I'm not a happy runner... but a runner none the less.  Well, the other night... a gorgeous moon light night, I ran around the corner towards my verrry good friend Amber's house.

I heard a voice in the woods... at first yes this was a bit freaky... I was ready to high tail it home when I heard another voice.  Something about that "yo yo" was too familiar.

I snuck behind a nearby bush, heart pounding, I leaned in to get a closer look.

Well you can imagine my SHOCK when I saw my very own Amber with one Gregory House!!

Quickly I snatched my cell phone and snapped the photo that she is parading on her blog posted here.. AMBER's BLOG

Well.... by reading her post you'll discover.... she made the right choice.  I'm sorry.... sooo sooo sorry that I didn't trust her.  But please, could you look on the same scene and think any different??  Her eyes!.... the longing...  And in his gaze, the desire!! 

 And that photo!  I ask you... could there be anything less photoshop looking!!!  *wink*

Well, this brings me to the real tragedy though.  Amber my friend, this is serious business.

You toy with a man's heart and he can only take soooo much.  Your one of those girls that guys like House just can't get over.  I was out shopping at Home Depot today and ran into the poor man.  I don't think he'll ever be the same. 

He just kept muttering "I hold the veddy veddy key to Amber Dahle's heart"  

 I took a picture so that you could see for yourself and remember this lesson.  And curse be to you my friend if this interferes with the next season of House!  

There's only so much pain that vicodin can cover.


and yes... that really is him.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beware of Small Human Hitchhikers

Lying, sitting, kneeling or even bending down on the floor is a hazardous risk for me around my house because of the mischievious children that soar around the room just waiting for a daddy to come by just enough within their reach to land a free ride. They'll latch on just about anywhere they can dig their little fingers into; especially the hair, nose, ears, anywhere they can find a good hold for those sharp little fingers. Most oftenthey merely wrap themselves around the eyes and throat to ensure their bipedal transportation can neither see nor breathe to remove them from their brief but exhilirating ride atop the mountain of dad. These diminutive human hitchhikers in the form of Rylie, Jocelyn and even Tanner who's growing less diminutive by the day have a tendancy for heightened predatory prowling and hunting before and after family prayers.

The preferred modes of parasitic transportation vary from one hitchkidder to the next.
> Rylie prefers stable, predictable carries in the arms or on the shoulders, but no throws whatsoever, and swings tend to be exhilirating but short-lived. She especially likes the self-launched revolutions of mountaineering her feet up to my chin and jumping backwards back on to her feet.
> Jocelyn thrills in the aerial dynamics of swings, throws and acrobatics. Good thing she comes so small and limber.
> Anymore, Tanner will take whatever he can get, but he has to watch out because he has already begun to slip from his status of predator to prey. Warning to Tanner: once you start giving rides you may never be able to get a moment's peace on the floor ever again!

Tanner's dream

It was a dark and stormy night last night . . . no, really, it was. Hundreds of flashes of lightening per minute illuminated the darkened house as Randi, Ben and Wendell spoke in hushed voices about the magnificent display of nature's thunderous performance. There was a knocking . . . and then the sound of flushing water . . . after a moment, there he was . . . walking . . . with eyes half open . . . he stood there . . . unblinking and asleep, it was Tanner the walking zombie! I turned him around and nudged him back towards the stairs. He trudged his sleepy feet up one step, then another and sunk down to sleep on them. I lifted him up and prodded him all the way back into bed.

In the morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen, the zombie returned, this time as a still-sleepy boy rubbing his eyes and trying to wake up. He mumbles. Then he says with a very expressionless sleepy face, "In my dream there were scientists all around me in this room and then . . . candy started falling from the sky." Then he looks up, and a grin spreads across his face and he laughs.

Monday, July 21, 2008


So... today was my first BODY COMBAT class.  I LOOOOVED it.  Frankly I was just expecting a few lame punches and jumping around a bit.   Not so my friend... not so.  There were so many kick punch slide block routines I could hardly keep up.  The music was rockin' awesome.  I felt just as hot and sweaty as a good long run.  The only difference...  this was FUN! :)

I highly recommend it to all.

and oh yes.....  I will have that body above.  SOON.... very very sooooon.  

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The trouble with BLOGGING

So, I love my old blog... but it's a bit slow on the upload and since no-one was visiting it..... what's the point right?

You would think it a very simple thing to just grab a blog from Blogster and start up fresh, but I can't stand their templates! 

 I love pictures!  The more the better!!!

I needed something that could showcase all of my family and look cute.  I think that's what I liked the best about my old blog.  I created it using iweb on my mac.  This program is great, a few flaws, but still great!  User friendly to the max.  I could just open a web page and click and drag and drop my photos all over the place.

Here in lies my headache....  For the past day I've been brushing up on my HTML and wondering when I'm going to learn a little of this new (is it called CSS?) code.  Alas, photoshop my fine friend has helped me greatly... and here is my resulting banner.  

Now I'm off to get some widgets...   I love widgets  *grin*