Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is serious business...

So most of you know that I've become a runner.  I'm not a happy runner... but a runner none the less.  Well, the other night... a gorgeous moon light night, I ran around the corner towards my verrry good friend Amber's house.

I heard a voice in the woods... at first yes this was a bit freaky... I was ready to high tail it home when I heard another voice.  Something about that "yo yo" was too familiar.

I snuck behind a nearby bush, heart pounding, I leaned in to get a closer look.

Well you can imagine my SHOCK when I saw my very own Amber with one Gregory House!!

Quickly I snatched my cell phone and snapped the photo that she is parading on her blog posted here.. AMBER's BLOG

Well.... by reading her post you'll discover.... she made the right choice.  I'm sorry.... sooo sooo sorry that I didn't trust her.  But please, could you look on the same scene and think any different??  Her eyes!.... the longing...  And in his gaze, the desire!! 

 And that photo!  I ask you... could there be anything less photoshop looking!!!  *wink*

Well, this brings me to the real tragedy though.  Amber my friend, this is serious business.

You toy with a man's heart and he can only take soooo much.  Your one of those girls that guys like House just can't get over.  I was out shopping at Home Depot today and ran into the poor man.  I don't think he'll ever be the same. 

He just kept muttering "I hold the veddy veddy key to Amber Dahle's heart"  

 I took a picture so that you could see for yourself and remember this lesson.  And curse be to you my friend if this interferes with the next season of House!  

There's only so much pain that vicodin can cover.


and yes... that really is him.


Steph said...


amberd. said...

So I SERIOUSLY busted a gut. I know it's more of an inside joke -and many (many many) others won't get it. But you my friend - you I LOVE so very much. Because your dang funny. I have soo much fun with you! Now I need to post our pioneer doublemint twins pictures on my blog with wierd uncle doing the cha cha with us! pahaahhahaha!!!!

Familia_Henderson said...

It is great what you have been able to do. It is really funny. But I would always like you to remember who introduced you to Photoshop. The master has out shined what the doctor has been able to do. (Of course you were also able to buy the program.) Hope that the creative streak never ends.

Dr. S

Randi said...

why thank you Dr. S

I know that secretly your introduction was only to create a Photoshop savant who you could use it to create masterpieces for you though.

I will let it slide though... since I'm such a magnanimously forgiving soul.... and because photoshop, well, ROCKS!!!

Have fun with Ben tonight! You Hendersons better not keep him up too late!


Randi said...

wow... can I type? it's getting late, but I think you all know what I meant to say on that last post

blah blah blaaaaa... time for bed ;)

amberd. said...

What? You think you don't have time to blog because you are moving or something? Get real Marchant - you are superwoman! You can DO IT ALL! Now get crack-a-lackin!!!